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The Wiggles


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:lol: I share your pain. My daughter got their dvd for Christmas from her uncle (not my side of the family). Hideous is the correct word.


Four failed male Aussie chorus dancers debasing themselves for cash sounds so good, but the reality is so different.

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True story:


When my daughter was 2-3, she loved the Wiggles - I had to sit through Dorothy the feckin' Dinosaur and that big red feckin' car ad nauseum.


Last year, and her now aged 5, we were sitting on one of our days off together watching the telly and she puts on CBB's It's the Wiggles. She hasn't seen it for a while having got into Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Road to Istanbul DVD's. Now, her Dad (Moi) is a scouser - so when with Dad she is allowed to talk like one, but not in company or at school, and only occassionally with Mum. After two minutes she reaches for the remote and says 'F**k me, this is crap' and turns to SSN.


You have to bring 'em up right, you see? :D

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