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I agreed an overdraft buffer with my bank years ago. They charge me feck all if I go overdrawn unless it's by more than £500 quid.

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what really effin pesses me off is the fact that direct debits go out on the stroke of midnight but yer bleedin cheques can only clear during bank hours.


Our bank kindly got rid of our buffer zone. Good of em to tell us like.


MrsE does alot of the monada stuff online. Noticed a DD had sent us over the limit by less than 3 quid. Immediately chucked a wedgey into the account but lo and behold too late. Bang automatic £25 charge.


Feckers. Got it sorted mind. Still be moving accounts tho.

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Unless they are the offending bank, I'd switch to First Direct or Nat West mate - nvere had a problem with either of that kind.



I moved out of NatWest about 5 years back for exactly that kind of thing. Went over by 8 pounds and got a £25 charge, which in turn made a direct debit fail which in turn created more charges etc.etc..... I ended up about £200 worse off before o anmy of the letters tellin abot it so it was too late to do owt about it - all because I went over by £8. They're all a bunch of money-grabbing knvts at the end of the day.

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This is true - unfortunately.


Anyhoo - after several irate phonecalls i have now had the fines reduced to a paltry 25, and i'm still not happy about that but what can you do? Still gonna pull the account, mind.


Nearly reduced the bloke to tears when i kicked off. Nice to see i can still randomly upset people - it never leaves you.


Cheers for the tips, once again fellas.

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