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Why does this not surprise me?

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In Saturday's edition of The Sun, the British public were ?treated? to a list of all the under-21 players that Arsene Wenger has bought for Arsenal. These players were then given either a 'Hit' or 'Miss' rating, based on how well they did after joining the club. The gist of the article was essentially to trash the Walcott signing before it has even happened.


One of the players described as a 'Miss' was Niccolo Galli, who was also mentioned in the introductory text above the table. The general point seems to be that Galli never made it at Arsenal, no-one has ever heard of him since and he was therefore a duff signing.


The reason Galli never made the first team at Arsenal is because he was tragically killed in a car accident in his native Italy in 2001, at the age of just 17. At the time, the young defender was a lynchpin of both Arsenal's under-17 and under-19 teams as well as an FA Youth Cup-winning team. Brimming with potential, it was evident from his displays that he would have gone on to some success.


So no, Galli never made the first team. But there is a damn good reason why - and to slate him as a bad signing is a slur on the memory of a fine young player. And typical of the lax, downright pernicious ?journalism? which prevails in Murdoch?s main money-spinner.


Sorry, forgot to say I've just got this off TTWAR.com

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