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Surf guitar, Reggae, Sea shanties

Jarg Armani

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i want to download some stuff, my interest in Reggae currently doesn't extend beyond trojan compilations, can anyone make any recommendations? i don't own any of the dynamite compilations, any good?

i have heard some surf guitar stuff and quite liked it, who is the main man in the genre? i know i've heard a name.... does joe meek count as surf?

and as for sea shanties and stuff, i'm lost, not really fussed about most britishy folk, but there is something interesting about the maritime stuff.

any help for any of the above much appreciated.

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Hey, mate - how are things?



For reggae, you won't go wrong with the following;


"Best Dressed Chicken In Town" - Dr Alimantado

"East of the River Nile" - Augustus Pablo

"Police and Thieves" - Junior Murvin

"Heart of the Congos" - The Congos

"King Tubby's Prophecy of Dub" - Yabby U

"Natty Cultural Dread" - Big Youth

"Roast Fish, Collie Weed and Corn Bread" - Lee Scratch Perry

"Space Flight Dub" - Niney the Observer

"Pick a Dub" - Keith Hudson


I promise you won't go wrong with them.



I don't know much about surf rock or sea shanty's, so I can't help yer there.

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Its very obvious but everyone should have a copy of "The Harder They Come" soundtrack in their collection. I cant think of a single better Reggae compilation. Besides that, Funky Kingston By Toots and the Maytals is probably the best example of soul tinged reggae I know. Others well worth a listen are Arkology, the Lee Perry boxset, Bass Culture by Linton Kwesi Johnson and Marcus Garvey by Burning Spear.

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thanks for the decemberists tip, already have that one from a previous tip on here. can't remember who from, but keep up the good work everyone.


jfogarty, thanks for that. trashmen did surfin bird, right? are you named after 'im out of creedence?


Yeah they did surfin bird. Great tune


Im not named after the guy from Creedance. Dont think hes any relation either ;)

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