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iPod/Creative Zen questions


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i bought a 5gb Creative Zen last year and am well pleased with it, have never used an Ipod so can't compare. I bought mine through Amazon which is a good place to buy stuff cos you can read all the customer reviews it was also a good price in comparison to everywhere else i looked at that point.


I haven't used it as a usb stick but think you could just plug the usb cable in and do so.

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I have a Sony AW1000 best sound quality i have heard form an MP3 player, unfortunatley the software that supports it is the worst I have ever used, so wouldn't reccomend it on that basis. Doesn't need drivers to connect but does need the software to upload onto it.


Also have a 30gb Creative Zen Excellent player, good support software. Player not as good as the sony but couln't be easier to use. Needs drivers. Software is the best.


Girlfriend has an Ipod. It's ok sound is a little tinny, I tunes is average better then sonys software but not as good as Creatives. Worst player of the 3 we have but easy to use and functional. Needs drivers aswell I think.

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