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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.


Paul B

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If this wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny.


Yesterday, I was working in the Radiology theatres at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Now in every such unit I've ever been anywhere in the world, there are what are called "greens" which the staff wear inside the theatres. They get called this whatever colour they are. the doctor I was working with pointed out though that here in Glasgow, if they only had green greens, the Rangers fans complained and if they only had blue greens, Celtic fans complained and so they had to have both colours to keep both sets of bigots happy! He told me he'd seen medical staff refuse to get changed if they had run out of one colour and it was the "wrong" one for them! In defiance of this, and to show my contempt for such petty-minded behaviour, I wore a blue top and green bottoms.

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Great life they have in that Godforsaken place.


I remember seeing something similar on a programme they had either about the Bigot Brothers themselves or on Glasgow A&E on match days.


There's also some website I remember someone sent me a link to that poked fun at the Scottish version of what the English call ?chavs?, and on the front page of it the bloke who ran it had a disclaimer saying that in any sentence containing both of the words Rangers and Celtic he was going to put Rangers first, that was his policy and it meant nothing, he just drew it out of a hat, it didn't mean he was a Tim-hating Hun. He explained that otherwise his e-mail would be riddled with abuse for favouring one over the other. Quite unbelievable, almost Irish levels of madness.


There was one photo, though ? and bear in mind that he had been giving all the photos unmerciful captions and ripping seven levels of piss out of all of them ? of a crowd of early-teen youngfellows on holidays and amongst the dozen or so there was a Celtic jersey and a Rangers jersey clinking each other's cans. He had a little footnote on the caption saying that was nice to see. Pathos.


Can't find the stupid site now of course.

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