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Give the linesmen some credit

Guest Portly

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Guest Portly

How rarely do we hear commentators give linesmen credit for a spot-on decision?


A typical example was Leicester's third goal against Spurs yesterday. The commentary team declared unanimously that de Vries was certainly offside and the goal should not have stood. Cue close-up of offending linesman, this only happens when the poor liner has b@llsed up.


Later in the studio, technology proves that de Vries was actually dead level. No congratulations to the linesman for a great decision.


One of the worst offenders is our chum Andy Gray. When a replay demonstrates that the linesman was dead right, our Andy tut tuts and says something like "I don't know about that, it was very very close." Particularly when the decision is against the Blue Sh!te of course. :rolleyes:

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