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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Liverpool V Chelsea May 3rd


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As the red sun descended on an Anfield night,

Two strong warriors prepared for a fight,

It was North vs South, Red vs Blue,

We'll show these chirpy cockneys a thing or f***ing two


There was so much to play for, so much at stake,

It could all be lost on just one mistake,

Mates told me stories of games and famous sights,

"Oh for f*** sake please let this be my night"


As I walked into the Kop shaking with fear

You'd never believe what I was about to hear

43,000 reds in passionate song,

praying for the glory to please carry on


The arrogant cockneys were to be the reds foe,

The team bus rolled in "two down, one to go"

Mourinho and Lampard, Terry and Cole,

This Chelsea team had everything barr history and soul


The Kop was a sea of red and of white,

"The fans won't bother us, we'll be alright"

But we were far more than the special one expected,

As much was said when a nervous glance towards the Kop was directed


The match kicked off, the drama begun,

Let's start off well, get these c***s on the run,

Stevie Gerrard with an early through ball,

Luis Garcia begun the cockney's fall


Was it over the line?Who gives a s****?

The refs given it, we're winning the fight

Have that you cockney c***s, we're winning one-nil,

But plenty more drama awaited us still


Tick followed tock as the game carried on,

Thousands of Kopites encompassed in song,

The ref blew his whistle to signal the break,

"f*** me, I need a rest, I can hardly see straight"

My ears were ringing, my voice torn to shreds,

And there was still 45 left to get behind the reds


A deafening roar signalled the start of the half,

Back to my seat, christ that went fast,

Just half a match left, please let us hold on,

They all said we'd lose, lets prove the c***s wrong,


Attack followed attack but Chelsea couldn't crack the code,

A defiant wall of red protected the fields of Anfield Road,

Chelsea were done, running out of ideas,

We were turning the 20 pound notes into thousands of tears


The clock hit 90, how long to go?

6 minutes? f***ing hell no!

My mouth's dry as f***, I can't take much more,

My hearts going mental, my f***ing throats sore


Come on reds, we're so nearly there,

But for 5 seconds our dreams turned to despair

When Eidur hit that shot I thought "f*** here we go"

The Cockneys practically celebrating the winning goal,

Somehow, someway the shot went wide,

The cockneys attacks were about to subside


"We shall not be moved" proclaimed the Kop,

There was only just seconds left on the clock,

The ref blew his whistle, we'd done it, we'd won,

We're off the Istanbul, there's a trophy to be won


Stevie punched the air in crazy dellight,

Kopites rejoicing, "Oh what a sight"

The scarves were lifted, people got out their phones,

As the ground joined in unison for You'll Never Walk Alone,

I'll never forget it as long as I live,

Standing there singing with no more to give,

As tears filled my eyes, my hairs stood on end,

My years of waiting finally came to an end,


As the chirpy Cockneys sat and absorbed the sight,

Kopites were embazled with Turkish delight,

The Kop going crazy, grown men in tears,

Stevie and the lads have rolled back the years,

St. Etienne and Inter when we did so well,

Finally I had my own story to tell,

I never saw the ginger super-sub's goal

But I was there when we beat the team with no soul


Eventually I walked out the ground grinning ear to ear,

Hugging random strangers, The European Cup was near,

In a eurphoric state of disbelief and bliss,

"How have we come from Grazer to this?"


We gathered round shanks statue and draped him in red,

"Shankly,Shankly,Shankly" we f***in' love you we said,

Through the celebrations remembering 96 souls,

96 Reds that never saw Luis' goal


Stood near a phone box catching my b reath,

I saw a Liverpool flag "Is this your's?" I said,

Nobody claimed it so I took it with me,

The flags still here as my 3rd of May memory

The flag sits here, just by my side,

And will be forever until the day that I die


Josh Murphy

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