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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

anyone see "Footballs hardest away days"

anny road

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What was that on Dave, and will it be repeated later in the week



it wqas on Sky 2 on Digi.....So iuf you have it, I reckon it would be on Sky Mix later this week....


It was funny....Followed some old Millwall fan to Gillingham....Then some Barnsley fans to Bristol City...>Some wierdo who lives in Clacton on Sea who every week travels to Greenock Morton, and isnt scottish but wears a kilt ...then some Swansea Jacks to Notts County, who were up foir a ruck....got there late, got kicked out of the ground for taking booze in, and ended up scrapping amongst themselves

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Saw the Swansea fans. It was really funny. Like a Laurel and Hardy film.


Ruck starts amonst themselves in the van, big bloke gets out and says "Can you turn that camera off please mate" Next thing young lad with his head down in the van ( presumably after getting a kicking from his mates)


That's another fine mess!!!!

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Reminds me of when we were really young and decided we were going to go into the away pub after the match and cause trouble.


It was just full of old men in replica shirts so we ended up having a pint and f*cking off after singing "Argentina!" a couple of times.

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