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of course it takes the piss out of the fa cup. they got away with a draw and they'll go back to old trafford and play their full team, and probably get live tv coverage for it. good for burton, fair play, but the mancs playing the stiffs takes the piss out of burton as much as it does out of the cup itself.

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RedCafe is buzzing at the moment... they are saying stuff like 'at least we didn't concede three against a relegation side' :hmm:


nah you didn't concede, you were held by a team full of spirit and passion, something that current side hasn't got, and something that the Glazers can't write a cheque for.


they should be ashamed, no matter how well Burton played, Man Utd now have a re-play, which sill do wonders for Burton but the last thing the Mancs need is another game to play in their already full schedule, what with the Champions Leag..... oops...



hang on, is the replay the Wednesday before we play them at their ground?

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Wow you guys are having orgasms over a dour nil nil.  Some ppl in this board are obsessed.












a lot of international players there, 1st teamers and you couldn't beat a struggling conference side. If that was us you'd be laughing your a*** off.

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football365.com front page.


Plucky ManYoo Hold Burton


Minnows ManYoo held Burton to a hard-fought 0-0 draw to remain in the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup. Despite taking a bit of a hammering in the first-half, in which they twice had to clear shots off the line, the visitors managed to cling on for a heroic stalemate. Oh, hang on a moment



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Wow you guys are having orgasms over a dour nil nil. Some ppl in this board are obsessed.


yours was the 18 post in the thread so hardly us going overboard about it eh


your attitude needs to change or the forum you post on will

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I was at the game yesterday as Burton are my local team, and what a game it was. The fact that Fergie had to bring on Rooney and Ronaldo on 60 mins said it all, but even they couldn't do much to change things!! And i wasn't really suprised believe how biased the officials were - the panalty was blatant and a couple of throw ins given uniteds way were ridiculous - for a man such as Nigel Clough to be going as mad as he was says it all.


And after the game it felt like i was back in Liverpool for the Champions League or treble parades again - i've never seen the town of Burton have anything to celebrate before!!! Bring on the Old Toilet!!!

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I only saw about half of the game, but Burton got the result by playing football properly. Like Luton did against us. None of the hit and hope, hurly-burly of traditional 3rd round near upsets either. Bloody refereshing to see it. Unfortunately its not going to do either side much good in the leagues they are in though.

United did have the quality on the pitch to get a much better result although they haven't got the strength in depth I thought they did looking at what was on show even taking some poor form into account.

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For around 70mins it was difficult to tell who was the Premiership team and who were the part-timers.


Fair enough Burton tired at the ned and looked nervy, but until then they palyed some good intelligent stuff and asked plenty of questions of Utd' international players on display.


Well in to Clough Jnr & Burton - hope they do it in the replay - wonder if Fergie will play the same XI in that game?

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