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Match of the Day

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I downloaded the MOTD highlights from a torrent site overnight and watched it today.


How on earth do you guys in the UK stand watching those three pillocks on a weekly basis.


Lineker has all the charisma of a piece of coal and his attempts at humor are pitiful.


Lawrenson looked like he had been sleeping on a park bench and had had no sleep for a month.


Hansen only perked up when he saw his pal Rooney playing for the Mancs.


A truly bad highlights show. Bring back Des Lynam, Bob Wilson and Frank Bough.

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they are getting more and more anodyne.  almost as though they're all three scripted, and the scripts have been written by jeremy beadle.



True, but I'd rather cut my b0llocks off than be subjected to Des 'Mr.Smoothy' Lynam again. Or the Tactics Truck.


Its like the choice between labour and conservative. Can I take my own life instead please?

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