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donny beating arsenal


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Doncster ahead in extra time


what the fec was Senderos and the goalie doing there  :wacko:  crap defending



Don't forget, he chose Arsenal over us.

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Jan Molby - " Hleb is a wonderful player to watch..but he doesn't do anything, doesn't create anything and doesn't score goals "







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Gilberto 1-0


Mackindo 1-1

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Cygan 2-1


Roberts misses 2-1

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Larssen 3-1


Heffernin 3-1


Doncaster have lost their way, it's a cruel game.

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That Larsson kid who came on for Arsenal pissed me off with his penalty. Immediately running over to quickly celebrate infront of the home fans.


Yes mate, you've scored a penalty, but lets remember you and your teammates have just had to claw back level from a goal down, twice, against a team from League 2. You've just gone through extra time against said team, and you still couldn't beat them.


For virtually the entire match, you didn't even look like scoring, whilst Doncaster scythed you apart.


These are not facts to be proud of.


Therefore celebrating your penalty like you've just completed a hattrick of overhead kicks in the World Cup final, when in truth you've fluked your way out of a humiliating defeat, makes you look like a c***.

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