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Guess where I've been today ?

David Hodgson

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Only been on a tour of Melwood with my little lad, and met all the players. What a treat. The lads really looked after us and made a 7 year old boy and a 38 year old boy very happy.


Ah, the inside secrets I could reveal........but mustn't.....oh, OK,....saw Nando having treatment. He's injured but they reckon he'll be fine for Newcastle.


The new Melwood is a really impressive set-up, and the staff there were full of praise for Houllier's work in establishing it.

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Weren't you in the tunnel before the Carling Cup Final too?  I'll wait for you to confirm I'm thinking of the right person before I begin my jealousy fuelled barrage of insults...





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did you meet crouchino? did you say whchyogonnado?



yes, and no.


Would it surprise anyone if I said what a really really nice guy he comes across as ?


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What amazing insights did you get from looking into their eyes?



I could tell that they were all extremely happy at the club, and content only to consider giving 100% to LFC for the rest of their careers. :D

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Is it just me who thinks this whole Peter Crouch/Hulk Hogan thing is desperately unfunny and increasingly irritating?


How long has that been going on for? I'm so thick it's unbelievable.


I thought Maldini had just put up the wrong avatar or something.

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