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Going to Barcelona


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I've just booked a trip for Easter to Barcelona. Got a really good deal, but don't quite know what to see there except the Cathedral and a few other things :) Where do I go to get a good meal, where do I go to party?


Any info. will be highly appreciated....

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Barcelona is a great city. I spent 2 days there last August and there is loads to see. Here are some tips


1. Stroll up and down La Rambla, the main street. Enjoy seeing all the street performers, markets, stalls etc. Just beware of all those card trick con men. Have a coffee in one of the many open air cafes.


2. When going out to eat make sure to go to a traditional tapas place. The experience is fantastic. The food is great but so is the atmosphere etc. One that I can recommend is called Cervezeria Catalana which is 3-4 blocks north of Placa Catalunya in the left side street. It is very popular with the locals which is a good sign.


3. There are many sights in Barca. You mentioned the Cathedral which is nice and so is the old city. What one must not miss is the work of the modernistas such as Gaudi. Go and see the Sagrada Familia and some of his other works. They look surreal.


4. If you like wine try the Spanish Rioja wine. Fantastic stuff. Try the Spanish sausages too and of course the paella and the tapas.

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I went to the Alicante, Murcia, Valencia area last Summer and was really facinated by the Spanish culture, but didn't make it up to Barcelona, so gonna go this Easter, as I've got a brilliant offer.


Got to get down to Hamburg (from DK) to catch the flight, which is about 300km for me, but then a return trip Hamburg-Barcelona with plane for two persons all incl. are cheap £180 + 3 nights in a four star hotel for less than £150.... so going away to sunny Spain for 3 nights in Barcelona with my girlfriend for £330 + what ever we spend being there... still extremely cheap me thinks and a perfect Xmas present :)

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Segrada Familia - one of the most amazing building's I've ever seen




Barcelona is an amazing place, go with anything stated above - I recommend the Camp Nou if you can persuade the lady as well ;)


The Bus Turisitic (though touristy!) is a good way to get around, much better than the metro as you get a feel and look of the city, rather than being underground. Also makes it very easy to get around.


The Olympic Stadium and area around is lovely, as is the Botanical Garden near there for views and a bit of peace!


I have to say I found La Ramblas a bit tacky, overpriced and catered exclusively to tourists.

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tibidabo is cool as well



For once I am going to disagree with you. The only thing worth a visit on Tibidabo is Bar Mirablau. Nice overview of the city, especially at night with the lights on.


Other recommendations include:




- Have tapas and cava in El Xampanyet (Carrer Montcada)

- Have absinthe in Bar Marsella, one of the oldest bars in the city (C/ Sant Pau)

- For cheap beer and sangria in big jars go to La Oveja Negra (just off the Ramblas, near Plaça Catalunya, C/ Sitges)

- If you want to see a bar with a weird, fairytale-like interior go to El Bosc de les Fades (just off the Ramblas, next to the Wax Museum at the bottom of the Ramblas)



- Otto Zutz (C/ Lincoln)

- La Paloma (C/Tigre)

- Salsitas (C/ Nou de la Rambla)

- Several clubs around Plaça Reial

- Razzmatazz (weekends, several floors)


If you need places where they show English football, there's plenty of Irish Pubs around:


- Temple Bar (off the Ramblas, C/ Ferran)

- Flaherty's (on a little square off the Ramblas, can't remember the name of it)

- Michael Collins (opposite Sagrada Familia)

- Scobie's (Ronda Universitat)


To avoid looking like the forum's resident alcoholic and party animal also some sightseeing tips (most good things have already been recommended by others above):


Take a tour at the Palau de la Musica Catalana (splendid interior)

Visit one of Gaudi's houses inside (Casa Batlló, La Pedrera or Palau Güell)

Have a stroll around La Boqueria (nice little market off the Ramblas)


And I would also recommend going for a meal in one of the seafood restaurants in the Barceloneta area.

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Segrada Familia - one of the most amazing building's I've ever seen


would happily blow the f***** up


Posts merged:

For once I am going to disagree with you.


On the eve of me visiting as well you are in trouble


I kinda liked the view of the city

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I've got a terrible memory for streets and places. Last time I was there I had a fantastic meal in dimly-lit, classy little restaurant with some of the best food and wine I've had in a longtime. It was about 10 mins east of las Ramblas. Was also a little used book stall in an open courtyard, which I loved. Bought shedloads.


Was another courtyard at the entrance to a church (I think) where two little lads were playing football using a blue 2CV as a goal. I sat on the church step eating a sandwich thinking it was boss.


Tremendous city, one of the best. shame about all the f*cking Yank and British tourists...

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On the eve of me visiting as well you are in trouble


I kinda liked the view of the city



Why would I be in trouble? You're the one who needs something from me and not the other way around. I have a bed, you on the other hand may be without if you don't behave...




And I said the view was good from Mirablau.

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don't be threatening me young miss :nono:


and if the view was cool we were hardly disagreeing



Don't you tell me what to do or not, Mr.


And we were disagreeing. I said the view from Mirablau in the evening was the only interesting thing on Tibidabo, which is hardly the same as saying that Tibidabo is cool.


See you tomorrow :)

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If you're up on Montjiuc (Olympic Stadium, parliament building) take the cable car to the beach. Stunnning views of the city, (and the beach is an eyeful n'all. ;) ). Which takes you nicely into Barcelonetta (the old fishing port).


Don't underestimate the Raval (the area off the north-west end of the ramblas, behind the Modern Art museum). Most guides will tell you to steer clear, because of pickpockets but there's some wicked bars there - proper 'hang-outs' and good, cheap places to eat.


Go to the market on the Ramblas for fresh picnic food.


Even if you get lost walking around, you'll find yourself drinking in the atmosphere of the place. Magical it is. :)

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