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Throwing on a third striker


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So many teams throw on a third striker when they need a goal and as far as I can tell, it never works, Boro tried it for a while against us, ferguson has tried it numerous times and it was often houlliers tactic as well. Why do so many top managers persist with this when it never seems to work. Nice to see Benitez knows better.

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who were the subs on that balmy night in barcelona


You know the one....



They were switching one striker for another, though, weren't they?


I think putting on an additional (third) striker makes very little sense unless you're basically hoping to give yourself more chance of being first to any loose balls in the goalmouth. What tends to happen is that one of the three ends up playing in a withdrawn or wide role anyway, in which case you'd be better off bringing on a player more suited for that role - assuming you have one.


Bringing on a second striker when you're playing 1-upfront makes a lot more sense, though.

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