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Birmingham ticket prices

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away fans can be charged the same price as the most expensive adult seat in the home end. in my view, away fans should be charged the equivalent of the cheapest adult ticket in the home end. more often than not we get the worst seats in the ground, especially Newcastle, the c***s, and also have the added expense of travelling. if we were charged he chepaest prices,it woul ddtop clubs ripping us off, and in my view be much more fair to the travelling fan

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We should simply return the favour and overcharge the Birmingham fans. Who wants a bunch of Brummies at Anfield anyway?


It's only for this season though with a bit of luck and Fat Head's astute management.


We should be able to charge their fans the same as we get charged and force the other club to take their full allocation with no returns to stop them profiteering at our expense. How funny would it be when 300 Bolton turn up but the other Fat Head's club get charged 3,000 x £38? That would teach them.

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