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Qui parle francais?

John am Rhein

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yes, i have.  it sounds to french as american does to english.



About right - its feckin weird though.

John, imagine if Peter Sellers had been born in Minnesota and then done the Pink Panther films. That might give you an idea.

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Have you heard a Quebec accent and, if so, what does it sound like?



I think of it as being a little like a south of france accent blended with US.


ie: awful

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Two different people who have travelled a lot have told me independently that French Canadians are the most boring people in the world, and that the birds are dirty. I don't know if there's any correlation between the two.



I speak French and i found it quite difficult to understand French Canadians. Must be a Scottish type thing going on.


As to the second part of your post, two words.


Pure filth.

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lumberjack shirts with strings of onions around their necks.




:D very good mate


It is a weird accent though, I'm used to the South of France dialect but struggle to understand the Quebecois above the fug of garlic and maple syrup.

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