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The Fat Duck

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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Been and would not go back


Food was interesting, butt he menu needed an online babelfish translator, in the absence of which we had a very condescending waiter who really thought he was above serving us and thought we should have come forearmed with a combination french/italian/german degree. Really, don't bother, not one of the group I was with thought it worth going back, and all thought it over priced, over fussy and over pretentious


Wine was hideously expensive, for what it was


If you're playing in that price league, Manoir aux quat'saisons is everything Fat Duck is trying to be but with style and panache to spare. More pricey but as a once in a lifetime thing, worth the cash, Fat Duck is not


Wine also a little expensive, mind!

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The reason I didn't mention it is cos I can't effing remember.



Think I'm having a Murph Moment.


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The Hind's Head

High Street



It is 30 yards (and yet a million miles!) from The Fat Duck.

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