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Theo Walcott


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It's rubbish, the story says they'll buy him and loan him back for six months which is against the rules.




You sure on it being against the rules?

PL rules maybe, but the Saints ain't a PL team now, are they.

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Arsenal favourites in the race to sign Walcott.....the independent


Arsenal have emerged as favourites to sign Walcott but may have to pay between £8m and £12m, when appearance money and other add-ons are included, to secure a player who is so highly prized by Arsène Wenger that he is understood to regard him as the long-term replacement for Thierry Henry.

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Guest elvispelvis2000

i dont see where these £10m valuations are coming from, surely as he hasnt signed a pro contract yet any club can get him and pay whatever pathetic compensation fee the fa comes up with.

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Class goal he scored today, looks a quality prospect.



Read as: Stevie G wants us to buy him and will be mightily unhappy should we fail to, which may result in another transfer saga of titanic proportions.




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