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Large Explosion, Nth London


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Sky reporting explosion at oil depot near Hemel Hempstead. My first reaction was that it was a huge bomb ( we heard the Staples Corner bomb from here too) or else a plane crash. Odd noise, really rumbled , as well as the large bang.


Definitely a second rumble while I was on the pc at around 6:25.

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Oil depot blasts cause casualties


Three large explosions have taken place at an oil depot near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire.

Police say there are casualties. They are at the scene, said a spokesman.


The first blast happened at 0603 GMT, at the Buncefield oil depot, close to the junction 8 of the M1 motorway 10 miles from Luton Airport.


Residents up to 30 miles from the scene reported hearing a "loud boom". One eye witness told BBC News: "There are lots of houses damaged."


Witnesses said another two explosions followed the first at 0626 GMT and 0627 GMT.


The M1 near the scene has been closed in both directions.


'House shook'


Eye witness Sam Matton, who lives half-a-mile from the depot told BBC News: "The sky is sort of orange. The flames have got to be 60ft up in the air.


"I was in bed, I was actually having a bad dream and I thought the world had ended.


"The loft hatch in my house has actually fallen out, my neighbour's window has actually broken from the impact.


I am about three miles from where the explosion took place but I can see flames high in the sky and smoke billowing everywhere


Duncan Milligan


"There was a first major explosion and about three explosions after that.


Dave Franklin told BBC News: "We woke up at 0555 GMT. There was a massive loud bang which broke windows above us and to the right. The whole sky just turned orange and black.


"Several other neighbours said they did see a plane go into the depot."


Duncan Milligan, of Hemel Hempstead, said he was awoken by the explosion as his house "shook".


"There was a loud boom and the house shook violently.


"I am about three miles from where the explosion took place but I can see flames high in the sky and smoke billowing everywhere.


"There is clearly a building on fire near the motorway and police and emergency services are everywhere


ere :wacko:

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I live about 5 miles away.  I thought a hurricane had hit the house as all of the doors suddenly opened- felt like someone was banging on the windows.


Smoke starting to drift this way too-anyone thinking about using the M1 today- don't.



Have you been asked to account for your whereabouts at 6 am this morning? ;)

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can i assume public transport out of london is a no-go too?




trains are unaffected.


Just went for a drive-I live on a hill not too far away and the sight of the cloud is just bizarre- a bit like that bit in Independance Day when everyone wakes up and looks out to see the alien spaceships.

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