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Bad Santa

charlie clown

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watched it last night - feckin hilarious - not laughed at a film so much for a long long time. the sheer weight of on the money one-liners was amazing.



Were you peeking in at my window last night? We watched it too. Thornton was brilliant, but Ritter and Bernie Mac's scenes were almost show stealers.


I presume that John Ritter passed away either during or just after they made the film.

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It's brilliant, pure class.


I saw it last year and nearly died laughing. Hyperventilating. Watched it again a few weeks ago and it was just as good.

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The bit in the car where the kid kept asking Billy Bob questions and Billy retaliated with "Are you f***ing with me??!" had me pissing myself!


And the girl in it was sexy



'Thurman Merman?'



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but Ritter and Bernie Mac's scenes were almost show stealers.


I presume that John Ritter passed away either during or just after they made the film.



"santa f*cking a fat chick up the ass ain't normal"



i was gutted at seeing John Ritter had croaked- always played nicer than nice guys.

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what about the short fella, one scene with bernie was an absolute riot, can't remember what it was about but something about him having to lift something heavy.



[Willie has just passed out]

Gin: Look here, get himy outta here and I'll go smooth things over with Chipeska, Tell him it was food poisoning or something.

Marcus: What do you mean, get him outta here?

Gin: Take him to the car.

Marcus: In case you didn't notice I'm a motherf***ing dwarf, so unless you got a forklift handy, maybe you should lend a hand hmm?

Gin: That figures. You want all kind of set-asides. Special treatment 'cause your handicapped. You're all the same.

Marcus: Special treatment? I'm 3-foot-f***ing-tall you a*****! It's a matter of physics. Draw me a sketch of how I get him to the car, huh?

Gin: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

Marcus: Sketch it up, you f***ing moron. f***ing Leonardo da Vinci.

Gin: What'd you call me thigh-high?

Marcus: I called you a f***ing guinea homo from the 15th-f***ing-century, you d****ead!

Gin: I could stick you up my ass, small fry.

Marcus: Yeah? You sure it ain't too sore from last night?

Gin: You got some lip on you midget.

Marcus: yeah? Well these lips were on your wife's pussy last night. Why don't you dust that thing off once in a while? a*****!

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don't wanna ruin it for anyone but some forumites will just love this bit of dialogue;


Willie: [upon seeing the safe] Oh s***.

Marcus: What? What?

Willie: It's a Kintnerboy Redoubt.

Marcus: So?

Willie: Remember Andy Pitz?

Marcus: Andy Pitzerelli, yeah.

Willie: No, Andy Repitski. Andy Pitzerelli was Andy Blue Balls.

Marcus: Since he got married they called him Andy Pitzerelli. What's your f***ing point?

Willie: Well they say he can get into anything. Anything. They say he's been in Margaret Thatcher's pussy.

Marcus: And that's a good thing? So what the f*** are you getting at?

Willie: When I was in the joint with him, he told me the Kintnerboy Redoubt can't be cracked.

Marcus: Are you s***ting me? Are you telling me that after I propped you up, held you together, smiled for all those kids, danced for all those f***in' housewives in a f***ing lime green f***ing velvet elf costume, that you cannot crack this f***ing safe? Is that what you telling me?

Willie: No, I'm just saying it's gonna take a minute.

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The bit were Billy beats the s*** out of the bully  :lol:



And where he tells Marcus about it afterwards:


Willie: I beat the s*** out of some kids today. But it was for a purpose. It made me feel good about myself. It was like I did something constructive with my life or something, I dunno, like I accomplished something.

Marcus: You need many years of therapy. Many, many, many f***in' years of therapy

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I watched it again last night too  :ohmy: 


Absolute class film - It was the first film I've seen with BBT in it - fantastic.


The head of security is funny as feck too - the pedicure scene cracks me up every time




Bernie Mac must have it written into his contract to have a pedicure in every film he is in.

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