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I'm back..

Guest 4pool

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Missed me?... :P


It does seem that some of my posts in the general forum in certain threads raises the blood pressure of certain forumites, moderators, and owners.


It's a shame that that is the case.


My posts do not contain foul or abusive language. However, they do elicit emotional responces from some. Even when I try to make a point, certain members have me pipgeon-holed as some sort of zealot and respond accordingly. When that is not the case, especially by those who have met me. It probably perplexes them why I have the opinions I do, though.


To be fair, sometimes my posts are my opinions. Sometimes I post to add balance for debate purposes, so that things are not all one sided.



However, that is now going to change.


From this day forward I will not post in any thread that is political. ( Doesn't mean I may not read the thread or "lurk" but I won't post).


Now, some may question if I can do this. But one thing that those that know me know....is that if I say I will do something I mean it.


However, I would also like some courtesy from forumites, moderators, and owners with respect to those threads. As I will not be participating there is no need to add my name to the thread via a post in the thread. Or to claim 4pool would think or say this or that. Keep me out of it is all I ask. I speak for myself and would hope others would respect that and not try to speak for me and moderators/owners would moderate accordingly. That's all I ask....

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posting for balance?

if thats the case then its nothign more than a wind up.


how about leaving the modding to the mods and the owners - we'll do what we see fit for the benefit of the forum.


you may of course post any suggestions that you have in the feedback forum where it will be considered.


Tough though it may be to believe the owners do not actually like being told how to run our forums.

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