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Anyone still think we have 15 million plus


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If so you are fecking deluded. Stelios (average at best) at 1-3 million is the best we can get as we have no money. Every time this is brought up it's shouted down by the people who know better. Well, IMO this just proves it. the best we can get is a squad player at Bolton when we need a first teamer. Best playesr mu a***. Stelios IS NOT top drawer but wil probably be our first choice RM.


We are not in the position to pay out the sort of fees we need to to attact real quality, and if Owen doesn't come it's because we won't shell out for him.


One thing is for sure, we do not have 15 million PLUS the money for Owen as is regularly mooted by people on this board who seem to know better than everone else.


The club is run like a corner shop and so therefore be prepared for bargain basement players.

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