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Need To Loan A Striker


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Le Tallec isn't a striker.

but he has spent much of his young career playing as a forward, be it for Le Havre or the Espoirs, and even a few times for us.


He can play as a support striker, he can play behind a loan striker, as can Garcia, (where is FAR more effective), ditto Smicer, and Kewell.


And as RB can use a 4-2-3-1 as a formation (hope he will more tbh), that does give us 'possibilities'.


I'd love to see a striker come in on loan, but realisticly, it's gonna be tough to get someone who's not cup tied, and who is actually good enough. Otherwise, no point brining in someone not very good. Better to play one striker and Garcia, Kewell or smicer off them.

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