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Unlikely. Although not impossible. Mancini keeps getting tempted to play a 4-4-3 which isn't working. However, Davids would fit into that. If he goes back to the 4-4-2, Davids won't play because he's got to play wide men and he won't play him ahead of Cambiasso, Veron, Stankovic, etc.

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Davids has been pleading with Laporta to have him back at Barca...


After the Racing game in the players lounge someone asked Laporta if Davids was coming back...


"What? No way! Just so he can disappear come the summer once he's made it back in the limelight...We wouldn't be so stupid again.... "


I heard the full conversation which leads me to believe that Davids is negotiating with Barca....doesn't look positive though.



Albertini is being presented today and Maxi Lopez is will be presented tomorrow...

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