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Ignorance Is Bliss


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On the above link to the letters page!


'Particularly relevant in view of his comments on Liverpool. They seem to be the media 'darlings' of all time when it comes to this sort of thing - but isn't the blame culture a synopsis of the whole Merseyside philosophy? Starting I guess with the unemployment of the Seventies and Eighties when it was all about militancy against the oppresive capitalist system that took away the 'career'jobs in the docks, as soon as Liverpool Football Club lost their supremacy, nothing was ever their fault again.


We are brow-beaten into believing that the truly terrible, God-awful scenes of Hillsborough (and whoever witnessed them live on TV will never forget) were solely the responsibility of South Yorkshire Police. Everyone knows they rushed the gates, it happened in those days. But no-one publicly was allowed to say that. And most football fans do not sing songs referring to it (Millwall excepted apparently).


However, it's alright for Liverpool and Citeh fans to sing about Munich as we tediously hear at every game against them. Does that make ManYoo fans angry? You bet it f****** does. Does it mean we are going to riot? No it doesn't. But when the sub-humans at Millwall refer to Hillsborough, then its okay for scousers to start scrapping and trying to kill them.


So by their twisted logic it's alright to throw objects at a 19-year-old footballer who they have subjected to verbal abuse all game and God knows what outside the ground to his family. So he cups his ears - does that mean he wants to fight each and every one of them? Get real, take ownership and if you don't like it, don't give it. '


Steve Long



I have made my feelings known!

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