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Increasing Nationwide Awareness

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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First of all - apologies if this is deemed 'not in line with the HJC's agenda' or similar, it's merely meant as a suggestion.


It's 15 years in April & the Gov't seems as disinterested now as it did then - despite it being a different party & the promise of the case being re-opened, it stank of whitewash.


15 years is a long time & I imagine our friends - both Liverpool fans & not, both footy fans & otherwise - all over the country have largely forgotten or simply do not know about what happened nor why.


What I think would be a beneficial move would be an 'en masse' demonstration in London, something akin to the Reclaim The Streets events. It would require a healthy turnout - perhaps a couple/few thousand - to take to the streets, disrupt traffic, through volume of people, and peacefully walk to Downing St.


What makes me think this is that the Gov't don't give a monkey's as long as the Campaign is mainly centered around Liverpool, it doesn't affect them & is 'out of sight, out of mind. Remember the 1970's? The IRA were blowing up everything between Newry, Belfast & Derry. The Gov't didn't care, they weren't losing votes. As soon as the campaign moved to the Mainland things changed & many people believe sped up the talks btw Gov't & those responsible.


Not that that's a great parallel to draw, but it emphasises the point. The media don't really pay much attention o/s London, so take the campaign to them? Reignite their/someone's interest.


Obviously cost would be an issue, but if it could be married to an away-game in London, surely many London/Southern reds could provide beds to sleep in, floors to sleep on?


Forgive me if this is wide of the mark, insensitive to the methods of the HJC or barking up the wrong tree, it's merely a suggestion with the intent to help.

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