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Welcome Darwin Núñez

Frosty Jack

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11 hours ago, Gethin said:

Given this hasn't been made official yet, this seems like premature Jack elation.

This might be the pinnacle.

11 hours ago, Red2Core said:

Note to self...dont fall for him  like Torres.....Anyway welcome to our perfect team...

Oh yeah, we'll ideally we'll get 80 goals out of him in fairly quick time before he (inevitably) moves to Spain.

If you expect nothing more, nothing will break your cold, dead heart.

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Quotes and excerpts from this Athletic article:


He also comes with impeccable references. “He was Benfica’s most expensive purchase, and when there is no pandemic, he will be the most expensive sale,” Jorge Jesus, the Benfica head coach who signed him, said last season. “He will be a world-class player.”


And even when he is nominally starting in the middle, he often does much of his good work from the left, operating in what you might call the “Thierry Henry channel” — not a winger, not quite even a wide forward, but drifting in and out of those bits of the pitch where defenders aren’t.

The sense is that Nunez often does his best work on the counter-attack, in games where Benfica are obliged to sit back — usually in Europe — and use his pace and strength on the break, and his directness to forge goalscoring opportunities on his own.


It’s a relatively simple movement, but one that shows Nunez’s game is evolving. Add that to his natural gifts, and you can see why people are so excited. “The combination of his size and his speed — he’s amazing,” says Badia. “He can arrive half a second before the defender. Half a second is so important.”


Statto stuff:


Smarterscout gives players ratings from zero to 99 for various qualities, and in this case, they are adjusted to how Nunez might perform compared with other Premier League strikers.

As you can see, he rates very highly in terms of expected goals from shot creation (74 out of 99) and ball progression (91out of 99), which shows how much his actions contribute to his team’s chances on goal. He is also quick to get a shot away with the touches he has (shot volume: 88 out of 99).

On a less positive note:


He’s not so active in the air (aerial duels quantity: 11 out of 99), and smarterscout does suggest that, while he does dribble a lot, he’s not great at retaining the ball: his rating here is just 11 out of 99, while his pass completion is 54 per cent — that’s in the bottom one per cent of strikers across Europe according to data from StatsBomb.

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His father Antonio has nothing but fond memories of his time playing at Liverpool:

On the Chelsea semi-final:


“That was probably the best atmosphere I ever experienced. I don’t remember another one like this. Many people in Spain say to me, ‘Why is Anfield so famous? Why is the atmosphere so special?’ I always say you have to go there and live it for yourself to truly understand it. It’s a special place.

“Everybody who loves football should go to Anfield one time in their lives. Look at what happened against Barcelona in 2019. Things like that can only happen in Anfield.”

On Stevie G:


“Sometimes you feel that a player is on a different level to the rest. It was like that with the Galacticos at Real and I also felt it with two other players — at Celta Vigo with David Silva (the future Manchester City fan favourite, then 19, spent the 2005-06 season there on loan from Valencia), and it was the same feeling with Steven Gerrard. You think, ‘OK, these guys are playing a different game.’ Gerrard was the most complete player I ever played with.”

That’s some compliment. What set the Anfield legend apart from the rest?

“Steven could do everything at the highest level — pass, shoot, cross, tackle, heading. There was no weakness in his game. He could do a job in any position. On top of that, he was a real captain and controlled games.

On LFC today:


“The stadium has changed since I played there,” says Nunez. “The new Main Stand is so impressive. I looked around and thought, ‘Wow, how big has this club become?’

“I probably watch more Liverpool games than Real Madrid ones. The Premier League is such a high level right now.

“It’s been an amazing few years for Liverpool with Jurgen Klopp in charge. More than the results, I really like how the team plays with such intensity. They still have four titles to play for this season and I wish them great success.

“I’ll always be proud to say I played for Liverpool.”

No doubt he'll watch us even more often now that young Darwin will be following in his footsteps.  A chip off the old block!

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