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Advice Needed Part 25 Nosey but nice neighbour

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We've recently moved into an area where the occupants where the first arrivals on the estate, so the house we bought the prior owners passed away, our neighbor has recently passed away and we're by far and away the youngest family on the road.

Across the road there is a lovely bloke who is comparatively speaking fit and well, he has knocked on a couple of times, been dead sound and always says hello and such like. The problem is that he's on his own and I don't think he has any family he can rely on. I speak to him when he knocks on, and I am sure this was very common back in the day, but he's doing it a couple of times a week now, when we do our family shop or have come in from somewhere and he'll have us on the door step for about an hour at a time. I just have got to the point where I walk in but my missus just gets dragged into massive long conversations with him. The other week I was 2ft deep in backed up s*** and he's coming over to speak to me and I gave him a bit of a short shrift, he was just being nice in fairness but its happening loads now. 

He's obviously lonely, its dead sad and he is a nice bloke and I don't want to come across as the selfish prick I am, but I genuinely don't have the patience or the time BUT I want to try and broach the subject with him and understand what his circumstances are so I can at least sort of get perhaps a little help for some, refer him to the AGE society or such like.

Disclaimer: I can't speak to the neighbors because quite frankly they've all got their own problems, as I said the one next door recently died and others are getting frequent visits from paramedics.


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