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Being the age that I am, I get a bit nostalgic thinking about football from the 70’s and how great (I thought) it was. Don’t get me wrong; there were great moments of skill, and players who given their raw talent would do well in today’s day and age.

But, the teams of today would absolutely hammer them, Brazil 1970 included. I watched a few highlights of matches tonight, and it’s really eye-opening. I’m attaching a clip of the highlights of their 4-1 win against Czechoslovakia in that World Cup and I thunk it is well worth a watch. But I can say this about the level of play and this clip in particular.

The defending is criminally bad.

Some of the giveaways are pub-league stuff.

The shooting is really poor. There were some shocking misses.

The CZ’s were surprisingly good in comparison.

Some of the fouls will blow your mind. Absolute dead-on red-cards and play just gets waived on.

Tostao wasn’t nearly as good as I remember, nor Carlos Alberto. 

Rivelino was really special; he stands out.

The commentary is hilarious, particularly by the English commentators; Roy of the Rovers sound bites.

Anyway, here’s the clip. The England-Brazil match it worth a look too.


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