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Failed Signings that would have succeeded in this team

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Never thought of him as "failed", remember him being a solid RB for years. Maybe his injury record counts against him I guess?

He was a victim of that "defenders should defend first and foremost" mentality, pundits used constantly criticise him and expect him to be Carragher, his attacking contribution was never acknowledged.

Couldn't defend, couldn't really cross a ball with consistency; mostly used to get forward, stop and pass the responsibility to someone else.  One of many players between titles who was flattered

Vladimir Smicer is obviously a club legend due to his goal in Istanbul, plus some other glorious moments like the last minute winner against Chelsea. So definitely isn't a 'failed signing'! But worth a mention here though because I think we never managed to find the setup to get the best out of him -  nowhere near his international form, for example. 

I reckon he'd fit in brilliantly in this team - in a similar role to Keita. He was great at pressing, and had an eye for a pass and goals. He didn't have blinding pace and so struggled in a wider role. But with our current set up, with width from the fullbacks and the pace of our front 3, i think he'd slot in brilliantly in the midfield 

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He'd have done very well playing just behind Owen and receiving passes into his feet and using his close control and creativity.

But that would have required a complete transformation of the way we played.

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