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Been thinking about a topic like this for a while - to democratize investing on here amongst us all. 

I don't do large sums, I have a Robinhood account and Stash (which allows you to buy fractions of shares - I buy regularly inot Berkshire Hathaway, which at $250k per share, I'm never going to hold a full one).

this is more a bit of fun than a serious 'let's get rich' idea, but I have made an absolute killing (on paper) this year on NIO - a Chinese electric car company that I bought at around $2 and is now over $20. However also I bought into Cronos (a cannabis company) cheap, made a paper killing before it fell all the way back to where I bought.

So to kick it off, here's an example - 

Aston Martin - trading at around $0.70. They're having a rubbish time, but I can't see a prestigious brand like that going to the wall. Some billionaire somewhere, or Saudi, would come in and buy them surely? And at that price, you can chuck $20 on them for a laugh & see what happens.

Airbus - Basically in an oligopoly with Boeing, think the two of them have 90-95% of the airline market. Airbus trades at $19.50 - about half of where it was earlier in the year, conversely, Boeing is at $167, also about half. Obviously number of shares in the market plays a large part in the valuation of a share, you can't say a $20/share company is 'worse' than a $200/share one.

Is this a worthwhile topic - akin to Kahnee tipping on the nags?


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