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People always refer to the performance I gave against Eltham College U12s but this boy has done it at an even higher level than that and that’s what’s got to excite.

I've always enjoyed calling him Cunny Kennigham, so I expected this retaliation to come at some point. I'm only sorry that he chose to come at me via my best friend Thiago Alcantara.

Something like this, I suspect.....

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7 minutes ago, Swipe said:

What’s going on here with him? It was meant to be a minor injury. He’s out of tomorrow and I doubt he’ll make City. That would be six games since the derby. 

Yeah it's a bit mad, along with Matip's "precautionary scan" for a "minor issue" several weeks ago.

Really want to see this guy play soon and deffo in the City game if possible.

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41 minutes ago, Cam said:

I suspect they may be saving him for Sunday but no chance of Tuesday.

Thought I read this morning that Klopp ruled him out tomorrow & said in contention for Sun. Unless that was someone else on the twitter paraphrasing & me mistaking it for Klopp's words

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Worse than Pickford’s. A lot of that one was down to his cowardice and utter s***ness as a footballer. I don’t know how Richarlison can say ‘I didn’t mean to hurt him’. I’m not sure what else you’re doing going into someone’s knee with your studs like that. At the very least, what do you think is best care scenario going in like that. 

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Let Everton slowly slide down the table after the initial hype from their fans and cockiness of the players and then when we play them at Anfield just f***ing smash them on the pitch... Literally.. Virgil can do the team talk pre match and there will be plenty out for revenge. Robbo would batter them all himself for starters 

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15 minutes ago, Dan said:


You're really cryarsing about this aren't you?

If he's already light training, the news is almost certainly that he'll use the international break to finish his rehab. If we play or put him on the bench against City at 80% then he'll go away with Spain and it's probably better for us long term that he doesn't.

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