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3 minutes ago, Stevie H said:

My understanding of it seems to be that deplatforming is banning someone from, say, Twitter, for saying horrible things, spouting bigotry and fascist rhetoric. Such as yes, Katie Hopkins. Or Milo whatshisname. And that cancel culture seems to have spun out of that and been weaponised as a term by people who don't like that horrible people spouting bigotry and fascist rhetoric get deplatformed for having spouted such. 

Cancel culture isn't really a thing is it? It's just been turned into a thing. It's just boycotting someone or something for a reason and telling your friends they might want to boycott them/it too, isn't it? Nobody is saying you can't say something, they're just disagreeing with you when you do and complaining about the place you do it. Which is then up to the platform to deplatform them or not. Haven't seen any free speech banned I don't think. You can still chat that s***. Just not here etc.

Yeah I'd agree with this. Well-summarised.

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We should of course forgive people who make mistakes and apologise and try to make amends. I’ve never seen an example of a large number of people disagreeing with that. It’s not ok to be racist,

Nick Cave is wrong and Toby Young is a dick. 'Cancel culture' barely exists outside of the minds of 'classical liberal' / alt-right bellends like Toby Young and Niall Ferguson. They're painting a

I think it comes down to black women and trans people daring to have a voice all this tbh.  That’s where the phrasing comes from, that’s inevitably who we are talking about.

1 minute ago, stressederic said:

1) Little Britain - Still all available on DVD. The BBC won't screen parts of them anymore.

2) Fawlty Towers. Was changed by the creators a long time before 'cancel culture'. Still available on DVD. If you want the racist bits, enjoy: 

3) Scrubs - Still all available on DVD. Have E4 even stopped showing them?

4) What's happened to Sarah Silverman? She's still a world famous comic.

5) JK Rowling - Yep can't buy a Harry Potter book in a Waterstones these days.

Do you know what's really 'unduly vindictive'? People like David Walliams using all of his power and his prestige and his fame, to decide the funniest thing imaginable is him in a fat suit blacked up.

Same as JK Rowling deciding the best way to use her power is to victimise transwomen.

If in response some people decide not to buy her f***ing books anymore or that David Walliams is a c***, then god grief the world will go on.

I know all of this and agree with it

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31 minutes ago, Ant said:

What do you think should happen then? Generally speaking. Jail Sentences? Vilification? Pubic Shaming? What? 

What do you do about racists? Other than calling it out when you see it, challenge and educate which is sort of what I try to do. 

It’s the missing art I worry about the most


All those episodes of Mind Your Language lost to our youth it makes me want to weep.  The only way they’ll know Alf garnett is if they have one at home or in the workplace.

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57 minutes ago, Ant said:

If we sacked everyone who thought that there are too many immigrants in the country then more than half the workforce would be on the dole.

Just sacking everyone and cancelling is a sure way to solve absolutely nothing.

This isn’t really a thing though is it. I actually agree that it would be a problem if it were but if we are looking to solve today’s issues then I think this sort of response helps to show us where power lies.

The acceptability of certain viewpoints is so strong that even largely fictional sanctions in a hypothetical world can generate its own term and a tremendous amount of debate.

And again, we have to accept that life is messy and we aren’t sure where to draw the lines and we definitely all have our own lines which cut right through however liberal we believe we are. If an employee was tweeting about how wonderful non coercive, romantic relationships between 60 year olds and 8 year olds can be then they would likely be sacked but this would run against some of the free thinking and creativity that Cave cites.

If you believe that example to be too extreme then ok, we can revert to commonsensical discussions but that must come with the acceptance that this is contested ground in which we all must have an equal say.

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2 hours ago, stressederic said:

They're basically thrown together now so they're not really hugely different. If I was to try and describe them apart I'd say that 'cancel cultuer' is *maybe* more of a consumer thing (though even that is a bit of a reach) and deplatforming is more about direct action in response to an impending event/debate etc.

Cancel culture is a bit like them massive US corporations who took you to court for refusing to buy goods from them cos they caused you cancer.

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