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wuhan originally

Look at you all. Brewster's Minions.

Hobbs has played there for the reserves.

Was in the club shop last week, was shocked at how cheap and sh*t all the gear looked. 

It’ll make us more money and i’m a 40 year old man, so fine, but i’m glad we won the league in the New Balance kit - best one we’ve had in years. 

2 minutes ago, Barnesy_10 said:

Apparently it's based in the flags in the Kop

I smell bulls***. That is an after thought and trying to justify a crap design 

It’s Croatia’s away top innit? 

Edit: actually, no - theirs is much nicer. 

Edited by Stanley Leisure
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2 minutes ago, Hightown Phil said:

He isn't going to pick teams good enough to cos he just doesn't give a s***. 

Yeah he has made this pretty clear from day one. If there was ever a season he would go all in on the FA Cup, it was last year, and he didn't even show up for one of the games. 

It's just the Klopp deal. All focus on the league and European Cup. I can live with that.

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