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If she f***s up a number two shave to head and face she's not a hairdresser. I should probably add it to my profile wanted hairdresser for haircutting name your price

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So having separated from my wife in October, and waited until my head was more clear, I've done a bit of on and off dabbling in the world of online dating recently.  It can be funny, frustrating,

Direct through line from this to him starting the “f*** The Police” thread.

you make it sound so crass  anyway that's just a coincidence I offer a range of advice to fit the situation; it's just that everyone here always seems to be in the same situation

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No, firstly navigating the face is harder and needs doing with scissors and a steady hand. Secondly how on earth am I supposed to taper the next and do the nape. Third check people who clipper their own heads and look around their ears it's f***ing awful because again it needs skills to do round the ears properly. Now if your doing a 0 you can sort this but not otherwise.

Also hairdressers need work to and I like it when they wash my hair.

Also eyebrows

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I have clown hair, so it's an uneven mess before or after I go at it with my clippers... but  I use grade 6 or whatever it's called, so there's no way of doing too much damage

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Started doing it myself again through necessity and not noticing £10 difference between my efforts and the barbers. 2 on the side blended into 3 at the top comes out nice. The missus laughs at me if I f*** it up and she hasn’t been, so it’s either a good job or she doesn’t care about me looking stupid. Oh hang on.....

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, downunder said:

Don’t the sites have photos of you anyway?

Lockdown hair init.

Anyway chatting to the sister of a hairdresser so things are looking up

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