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Couldn't find a topic on this one.


There has been alot of 'noise' in the media (mostly social) about injury records of City and Liverpool. 


Since the start of the season to today (City 22 games, Liverpool 21 games) - we've had 10 players injured missing a combined 72 games compared to City having 8 players injured missing a combined 62 games.


The graphics are here: https://twitter.com/RoryFitz9/status/1218479153072214021?s=20 (can't post here)


City point to Laporte and Sane - and granted - they are big ones. After that, no player has missed more than 5 games.


We have Clyne out for 22 games*, Alisson out for 7, Lovren 8, Matip 12, Fabinho 8, Keita 6


(*Before his injury, he was our first choice right back and was playing for England. If it was not for his injuries - the purpose of this analysis - he would certainly be providing healthy competition for our lads and giving them the odd break. So whilst we have discounted him alot. If it were not for his injuries, he would be 1st choice back up at right and left back)  

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