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Liverpool vs Everton - FA Cup Sunday 5th Jan - 16.01 (apparently)

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"No! The Premier League is too important," the 41-year-old tweeted. "And Klopp has 12 fit senior players who have all played almost 100 per cent of the games over a busy Christmas.



"Everton makes you more emotional about it, but the injuries haven't hit the big game changers in the squad. Imagine it did in this game just because it’s EFC?"


I think this is how Klopp sees it, rightly or wrongly.

I’m with HP in that an injury won’t stop us winning the league and it is paranoid to think so.


My concern is that we had to go big in the league games and a load of those players will be in the red. If we do get injuries it will affect our ability to smash the league record which is way more likely than us winning the FA Cup. Those are the numbers I’m running.


It might also have an effect on retaining the CL. Given that the league is done, that’s the double we have to concentrate on (points record/undefeated hopefully both) and muscular and groin injuries won’t get us there as the squad isn’t so big.

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You could say that we're World Champions and 13 clear with a game in hand because the best players were pushed to the limit during 10 days and some of them need a rest, even with the easier schedule approaching.

Klopp's results at this time of year aren't great

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