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Manchester United F.C. vs Liverpool F.C. - Sunday 20 October - 16h30

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Might have a bet on them. Maguire 1-0.

I had a dream we were 1-0 down to Chelsea in the CL final after nearly 80 mins. Make of that what you will.

Origi last goal is also a good bet.

I hate this fixture so much.

I dreamt we were beating Man Utd 2-3 going into the last 10 mins, they had 1 player sent off we had 2 ( one of which being Mo). Far too vivid for my liking and I woke up panicking they’d come back and win

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Madness how over confident our entire fan base seems to be. Joking about hammering them.


They are literally the devil. Everything that can go against us on Sunday probably will. Debatable VAR call, banger from someone s*** who never scores like Lingard, Romero worldie performance. You name it.


Well I know it’s on their badge, but come on...

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