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9 minutes ago, Guy_Incognito said:

So do we think that the Burnley pen would've been given last week if they hadn't gone up the other end and scored straight after it? Cos I was under the impression that it was accidental and wouldn't have been given in "normal" circumstance

Yeah, it was a very clear penalty.

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The IFAB wrote a lengthy reasoning for the change in the handball rule. This reads,

Greater clarity is needed for handball, especially on those occasions when ‘non-deliberate’ handball is an offence. The re-wording follows a number of principles:

Football does not accept a goal being scored by a hand/arm (even if accidental)

Football expects a player to be penalized for handball if they gain possession/control of the ball from their hand/arm and gain a major advantage e.g. score or create a goal-scoring opportunity

It is natural for a player to put their arm between their body and the ground for support when falling.

Having the hand/arm above shoulder height is rarely a ‘natural’ position and a player is ‘taking a risk’ by having the hand/arm in that position, including when sliding

If the ball comes off the player’s body, or off another player (of either team) who is close by, onto the hands/arms it is often impossible to avoid contact with the ball

When the GK clearly kicks or tries to kick the ball into play, this shows no intention to handle the ball so, if the ‘clearance’ attempt is unsuccessful, the goalkeeper can then handle the ball without committing an offence.


The highlighted point surely shows that the "assist" from whatever distance must be penalised (even though the handball clearly should not have resulted in a penalty) and that Wilson's scenario does highlight a potential contradiction, however unlikely. There is certainly no reference to anything as vague as an "attacking area" in the Ifab law revisions or explanations.

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On 28/02/2020 at 23:26, Hightown Phil said:

He isn’t IFAB but he has a good grasp of it. Can’t remember if it was him but it’s what I read. It’s about being a part in a goal which isn’t really possible if it’s 100 yards away. You aren’t ever going to see an accidental handball result in a pen cos someone scores anyway. 

He’s the lad who had the secret special formula to work out we should only have been 10 points clear in December. 

I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying but that bloke can kiss my a***. 

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