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7 hours ago, Sir Tokyo Sexwale said:

yep - a friend of mine was working on that deal. 

Basically they would have been out in 7y BUT it was about the stadium he said, they'd borrow, the club would pay the borrowings, they'd renovate and get out but retain ownership of the stadium

First time I heard that. If that’s the case, fair play for not proceeding with that deal.

Still didn’t have to jump to the next one on the table without looking though.  

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So privileged to witness this, my aul fella passed away two weeks ago, wish he could have been here to see it. YNWA 

Good lass...she's been up since 6.30, telling my youngest about it all.

Getting loads of clicks for their articles about why it shouldn't return though aren't I? I'm as guilty as anyone for that, as much as anything 'cos it is quite funnt to see who they've wheeled out no

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