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Notre Dame (Paris) on fire

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Molbs, saying Bailo is using patronising cliches is belittling his point, which is bang on when it comes to these donors' priorities.


I think his post was in response to Ripley, not Duncey.

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However sad, it’s a building that will be rebuilt at huge cost and the damage is not equal to the life of a single drowned refugee.

We only need to look closer to home... I saw a post yesterday that said £18mill was raised for the victims of Grenfell Tower, and only £2.8mill has been distributed to them so far. By comparison, € 900Million has been pledged to the rebuilding of the Notre Dame, as reported today on Reuters. 72 people died in Grenfell Tower... the death toll in Paris was zero.


Makes you wonder about the things people place value on.

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So many conspiracy theories from far right w*****s


Saw Katie Hopkins retweet a video of someone in a yellow vest alluding that he looked like a Muslim in a robe


that's because she's racist filth


I've also seen people already (or before) saying they won't believe the official version. 


So - you already know you're not going to believe the reasons that are put forward. That's conspiracy loons to the power of one million

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Given migrants are still dying every day after doing so for the last god knows how many years, but Notre Dame has barely been put out yet has already raised more than enough to rebuild it, I think it's fair to conclude French industrialists probably haven't been pledging quite the same money to one cause compared to the other.


Still wondering how many people = Notre Dame Molbs.

We should sell Salah and solve homelessness in Liverpool for a decade to come.

Which do you think would have the more positive effect on the city? Do that one.


That said, it gets this c*** of a government off the hook doesn't it?

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Do we know this is the only thing they donate to?

What we do know (see the Chakrabortty piece) was that there was no public display of philanthropy when Notre , Dame was crumbling, hence the renovation.


What we also know if that they also like the public (taxpayers) to subsidise their philanthropy.

Yes we do

All the commentators are very wise people

Not in the least patronising.
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