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Footy - 2018/19 & 19/20 & 20/21 etc

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This is going to be one of the best things you'll watch this year     

Bit racist that mate.

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20 minutes ago, Swipe said:

He’s the best manager they could possibly have got. Stupid to say otherwise. 

They could ve easily got someone younger and more modern. Ancelotti is good when you need to bring players like Allan and James. But they ll never press like Saints or Leeds under him.

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5 minutes ago, Hightown Phil said:

For a set of fans who've spent a year complaining about an accidental tackle by Son, it's quite funny they're now outraged something they consider an accident is a red card. 


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4 minutes ago, sammy & a said:

Did he echo my sentiment or Redknapp’s? Presumably the latter as a blue.

'Running behind someone and accidentally treading on their heel should never be a red. Can’t you chase people anymore?' 

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Years back Rafael got sent off at Spurs (2nd yellow) when he ‘accidentally’ clipped the player he was chasing after 

I recall Graham Poll saying the defender had a duty of care in that situation and any contact would be a yellow. To make that sort of contact on an opponents ankle I’d say can easily be a red. The fact that Digne has already kicked at him a second or two earlier in the chase won’t have helped his cause either


and it’s Everton so f*** them

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17 minutes ago, Hightown Phil said:

Hahaha f*** off.

What a c***.

Even in some imaginary world where that was the explanation, they would only be reaping what they sowed with their conduct, including his s***house press conference.

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8 minutes ago, psl said:

f*** off Carlo. Never got over Istanbul.

One of my favourite bits of the Istanbul TV coverage is after our third goal a shot of Ancelotti, stunned expression, furiously chewing his gum, then the camera pulls focus to bring in the Liverpool crowd in the distance behind him in complete ecstatic bedlam.

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