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Footy - 2018/19 & 19/20 & 20/21 etc

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4 hours ago, Sion said:

Funny all the people on twitter moaning that they're sacking three white men to satisfy the 'woke brigade' 


Yeah I hope they are. It's been stupid old white men for nearly 30 years now. Give someone else a chance. Stelling should be jettisoned as well. 

G’wan Wrighty.


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This is going to be one of the best things you'll watch this year     

Bit racist that mate.

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1 hour ago, DPD1973 said:

If Suarez wants a shoeing he could walk round Manchester of an evening, if he wants one every weekend he should sign for rangers. It's a diddy league whos third best team is the equivalent of that current Blackpool side.

Remember that guy who was his look alike who went to Melwood and stood outside? 

I saw him in Manchester at Chop House at a function... He worked there as a waiter. The amount of s*** he was getting there just for being a look alike was alarming. So God knows what the real Suarez would get 

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11 minutes ago, Swipe said:

Ah ok. Fair enough.

Tonight’s result seems a bona fide embarrassment though. 

Seems to happen every year. Where knocked out of the same qualifiers twice one year

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9 hours ago, cymrococh said:

Brendan's legacy, Lennon used to do well in the CL didn't he?

I was saying maybe it's a good thing Leicester didn't qualify for the CL this season. Now they'll only get narrowly knocked out by a Romanian team instead of being embarassed 6-1 every other game in the groups.

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Clubs to players after the end of the season: Well done lads. We got through the remainder of the season with only a small number of positive Covid-19 tests, and completed it as planned. We start the new season again on 12th September - go and have your holidays, and be careful, then get back for pre-season training so we can get going. Don't get in to any scrapes, and don't catch anything.

Clubs today: Oh FFS!!!!!!

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Runs back to UK leaving his poor bird and family. A real man.. straight on phone to agent..

The whole interview was like watching Laura c***sberg interview..a Tory minister. -  no real questioning the b******s answers they spew

As for the Albanian gangster b******s.  My good.. I certainly believe the bribe to police bit..


Lock him up

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