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Forumite self-censorship

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here's an interesting one. Will really sort out the PC men from the boys just playing at it

sort of like a continuation of some of the themes discussed in the wake of that clothing ad or when Griezman blacked up

there's all sorts of stuff in music film, TV. even Shakespeare plays, that contains items ranging from the borderline to the unacceptable (by anyone's definition)

so are there things you used to listen to or watch that you don't anymore, even if you used to really enjoy them, because they are not PC?


obvious example is Til Death Do Us Part but there are hundreds


and you can keep saying "that was always s*** regardless" but somewhere along the line there will be stuff you used to enjoy, or still do if you don't think about it too much


as an example, was putting together my boxing playlist and came across this not-listened-to-for-a-long-time gem




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