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The final - 26 may 2018

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Need proper squad depth including a keeper. Nothing new but shows the difference between us and where we want to be.

Hope we learn from this and come back strong. I actually believe we will wih Klopp. We'll be back in he final in the next couple of years!

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Best team won but those Karius errors will haunt us. Reminiscent of Gerrard slipping against Chelsea.


The mistakes were far worse than that. Career-ending bad. The first mistake was the most stupid thing I've ever seen a keeper do.

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Karius was woeful, Firmino didn't show up and we had f*** all on the bench - Lallana wasn't fit and isn't Salah 


f***ing gutted


What the hell did Firmino have to play on? There was nothing. Can’t blame him.


Losing Salah was such a blow. It was difficult to recover from in terms of the huge loss of quality and the emotional impact.


The loss of Chamberlain, no fitness for Lallana and no forwards anywhere near comparable to the front three has killed us.

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