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What's yours and why?


To start the ball rolling: that majestic Bergkamp effort that knocked Argentina out of the WC right at the death. Seeing Ayala's and that 7th day Adventist t*** of a keeper's face as they realise they've been done is the cherry on the cake to go with the aesthetic brilliance of the goal.

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Socrates equaliser against the CCCP in Spain '82, and Maradona's 2nd against England in Mexico '86, complete with the late great Jimmy Magee's commentary on RTE. Different Class

not necessarily my favourite but van basten's in the euro88 final always comes to mind. 'cos there was no way he should even have attempted that, it was ridiculous.


thats a shout. what a player he was

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Eder's goal wasn't bad either


That Brazil 82 team must be the coolest team to ever exist

Zico got the goal but Eder's FK against Argentina that led to it (Zico popped in the rebound) pissed all over Roberto Carlos' effort imho.

Neliniho - 3rd place play off in 78 (I think). Made Zoff look a right mug.

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thats a shout. what a player he was


it's that he even thought it that still messes with me to this day. conventional wisdom would bring it down and cross it to gullit. trap it and lay it off to your winger. hold it up and play it to your fullback and make your way back into the box where you as a striker should be. no, i'm going to tw*t it on the volley from the actual byline and dip it over the head of probably the best goalkeeper in the world. 'cos i can and 'cos why not. a van gogh painting of a goal.

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Roberto Carlos v France

Zidane v Leverkusen

Hoddle v Man U

Gazza v Arsenal


all spring to mind


- all just jaw-dropping when i first saw them


Yes 2 outstanding choices.


Hoddle scored a remarkably similar goal vs Forest (at WHL, same end as well)


Also loved his chip vs Watford, and a screamer at Anfield before we went on to win the League with a 3-1 win in 82

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i don't like the roberto carlos free-kick against france. that was more about the ball than anything else. that wasn't genius or gift or skill or imagination, it was a lad with enormous thighs who can kick an engineered ball dead hard. 


and gary mac has dibs on the best free-kick ever anyway.

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