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Used to love Lazio back before I realised that they were a bunch of Nazi c****. Beppe Signori, Alen Boksic and Pierluigi Casiraghi was a top strike force.


signori was a fantastic footballer. and a scruff as well, which i always liked. looked like he could just as easily being having a kickaround in an alley or on a car park.

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A lot of the players were overrated as well, few came to England and were poor


Such as? Who moved in their prime who was poor? Veron and?


Shevchenko moved too late, and despite what the stats will tell you (28 in 40 the season prior), I recall there were plenty of "he's past it" comments when he moved to Chelsea.

The football was frequently boring as f***.

Well, yes. Same goes for the Spanish league at its peak. Always found the German league the most exciting to watch.

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Loved it when Milan had those three Dutchmen on their game. Phenomenal team.

Great team

Inter with the 3 germans

Maradona and careca at napoli

There was a highlights show on irish telly from around 87 great stuff it was then channel 4 had the live stuff later

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Batistuta was my favourite - what a striker.


Serie A does bring back memories, shame it’s gone downhill so much these days. Milan were very poor against a very average Arsenal team in the Europa.

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Milan have Fabio Borini on loan from Sunderland! And Suso. Other than that I recognised maybe 3 other names in their team (I admit to not paying much attention). Compare to their lineup in Istanbul, what happened to them?

Borini is hilariously bad, like he’s only recently started playing the game of football.

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