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Lowest moment in forum history

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I didn't know you were on TAW Phil. Do you still do them? 


Not since Rashid started that petition we all signed. 

Carralegend wished death on all united fans apart from my wife, that was nicest thing I saw him ever say


If that happened, reckon ticket prices would come right down for her. So it might leave you in a tough spot. 

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Was Rashid the one who was obsessed with Quaresma?


Rashid made a big thing about his hard upbringing on the mean streets of St, Albans. Made me laugh that.


And didn't he once make a big deal about turning up for some match-night pub meet, made a big fuss about a grand entrance he was going to make, didn't turn up but made a huge song and dance about people not respecting him because he made an a*** of himself over the whole thing. It's only a hazy memory but it was something along those lines. 

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