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Transfer Window Speculation

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He's coming to LFC so it's Count Doku la

They must have known it was coming several years ago then 

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If Chelsea are after a Hazard replacement then I am not sure Sancho is the guy at his age as Hazard did so much for that team and would be a lot of pressure. But if he's £120m then it's kinda expected he will have to have a big impact immediately.


let chelsea buy sancho, bin him off to roma when he doesn't perform up to hazard standards, and then we'll buy him in a 2/3 years for £35m

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Why so many think we are having to get rid of one of our front three. We could be dominating footy for years to come, so lets have the type of squad City had in order to win what they did and more. I don't think we will be held to ransom for Sancho, so if it's not him we will find someone else. 

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you keep saying this but we dont spend big without selling so do you think we are selling one of our front 3 in Jan?

I’m always wrong on this stuff, so wouldn’t expect this to happen. Klopp does prefer to build rather than buy and if you’ve got minamino coming in, Elliott, Jones and Brewster clearly close over next 12-18 months, even with lallana and shaq being in last season with us, we do have a larger squad.


I’d imagine he finds a sancho before he’s worth 100mil, or maybe he has already with Elliott and Minamino.

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